What We Can Do For You


If you’ve already written something – anything, in fact – we can check it for you

Our editorial expertise means that you don’t need to worry about typos, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or anything else – if there’s any kind of problem with the text, we’ll find it and we’ll correct it for you. Of course, we’ll also tell you what we’ve changed

When we say we can check anything, we mean anything – reports, leaflets, articles, restaurant and takeaway menus, advertisements, dissertations, websites… if there are words on it, then The Word Surgery can help



In addition to proofreading, we can also give your text an overhaul. You might not be 100% happy with something you’ve written – if that’s the case, then The Word Surgery experts are on hand to give it a polish and make it really sparkle 



At The Word Surgery we’re expert writers, and we can create text for you from scratch – whether it’s a catchy one-liner that really sells your company or a full set of website pages . Just give us a brief and al the important points of information and we’ll create some attention-grabbing, dynamic text for you that exactly meets your requirements. And if it doesn’t, then we’ll keep refining it until you’re 100% happy with it. That’s The Word Surgery commitment to our ‘patients’ ­ – no one leaves without a full cure!